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Customer Satisfaction Survey

As part of our ongoing effort to provide better service and support, we would like to request customer feedback on our products and services. Please complete and return this brief survey.


We request that you please take a short time to evaluate our performance on the items listed below.

 Ranking System:

5 = Excellent

4= Very Good

3 = Good

2 = Satisfactory, but needs improvement

1 = Poor, needs improvement

Contract Award Process

1. How would you rate (product or service) on an overall basis?

2. How satisfied were you with our (product or service)?

3. On-Time Delivery

4. Order Accuracy 

5. Customer Service

6. Ease of Ordering

Your business is very important to us and we are always looking for better ways to serve you. As a valued customer, your insights are greatly appreciated and will help us improve and continue to meet your requirements.

Additional Comments:

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